Poem: Comb

If I were to run a comb

Through the fine hairs of your life

What would it be you were to say

About your loving wife

Mayhaps nothing but I know that’s untrue

Not least because

You love her too



Poem: 80

It’s been a battle

It’s been a fight

But made first target

Just last night


Pushed the limits

Mental state

Did the work

Lost the weight


No time to stop

And watch it raining

Going on to

Tough strength training


By the end

I will be fit

No time to stop

Just deal with it


Poem: Not My Family

Really not my cup of tea

The family that’s Right Royally

I really fail to see the point

I see no genuine benefit

I do not understand

The fawning and flag waving that follows them around

Republic makes a lot more sense

For their tradition there’s no defence

So come on Scotland

Vote your ‘Yes’

And Caribbeans

Cut those ties

It’s time to move with them to the modern world

And cut this cancer from our lives


Poem: Juxtaposition


Kind of describes me

As I enter the middle part of my life

Survived the alcoholic drug riddled youth

Enjoyed every minute but once was enough

Found love and got settled with a fabulous wife

A couple of kids that are mostly quite nice

Emigrated the clan and made a fresh start

Regretting not once the choice to depart

Now kids are well grown and ready for flight

Today I bought a cardigan that’s really quite pleasant

All sounds quite normal, an average path

Dodging some landmines whilst having a laugh

To look meet and greet as I’m half way to ninety

Brings little surprise and I find that just dandy

But through all of that is the thing that stays with me

That juxtaposition that’s the point of this story

The anti establishment musical choice

That’s never departed my personal values

That’s the surprise that lies under my covers

Man about town versus crust punk from the gutters

Grow out of that phase said those seers of futures

How wrong they all were

Those values do matter

So don’t be afraid to go with a flow

That suits how you are in the moment of now

But hold on damn tight to what’s you at the centre

Because that is the part that should be you for ever